A way to shrink the side menu?

Is it possible to shrink the side menu on the hub site? I find myself wanting ti gone or shrunk when viewing my dashboard, or logs. I am not suggesting getting rid of it, just shrink it. Some sites I develop have the feature to show small icons and no text unless you hover over the icon. I little [+] thingee would do for something to click on.

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You can do this with the dashboard by taping the square button at the top. I'm not sure about the logs page though.

Must be a 2.2.4 add in? Not seeing that "full screen" box on my dashbaord.

And how does one get the "Owner" badge? I did just buy my second HE after all :slight_smile:

(This link only works for you btw)

About 1/3rd way down is a dropdown to set "Owner"

I'm on a. and have the full screen option for the dashboard.

IIRC It’s been there for quite a while.

I’m not aware of any other way to minimize that left-side menu in general though.

Not the dashboard itself, the dashboard menu.

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Another Hubitat "Easter-egg" non-intuitive interface. Sure, the use of a box to indicate "full screen" is fairly common. In HE, that box remains after the dashboard is full screen, and clicking on it does not restore the display. Bad UI.

lol, thats intuitive :slight_smile:

But appreciated :slight_smile:

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The dashboard is just a webpage, which can be accessed a few different ways.

For example, if you bookmark the direct link to the dashboard, and browse to that link, then the hub menu won’t appear on the page at all. So I don’t think it would be necessary to put that full-screen icon on the dashboard itself.

It is not a question of "necessary". It is a question of good UI/UX practice.

I appreciate the tip on the url though, and I am not unappreciative of the hard work put in on ALL aspects of HE :slight_smile:

Then I misspoke. IMHO it would be a poor UI/UX choice to put it on the dashboard rather than the dashboard menu.

If the user accesses the dashboard from the Hubitat mobile app, or a link directly to a dashboard in a mobile/desktop browser, then the dashboard is already maximized, the button on the dashboard wouldn’t do anything, and that seems like it would be confusing to users as well.

Can you clarify what purpose it would serve on the dashboard itself? I’m not trying to be difficult, I rarely (i.e. never) access my dashboards from the hub’s admin interface, so I’m trying to understand what I’m missing.

OK, well, mobile use cases and desktop browsers are two different use cases. What is default on a mobile has little to do with what is or should be default on a big browser.

All of that aside, I would expect, in a web browser page to be able to make the sidebar go away if I have a need to see a fairly wide dashboard. I am sure everyone has seen this?

BUT, now that I know how to bookmark the url to the whole dashboard, I am good :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is what you are after but I was able to get a full screen view on an iPad Pro with Safari.

Thats a dashboard? Pretty cool.

That must be a background image

Your right, its a background image with a few devices on there. I’m just doing a proof of concept to make sure Hubitat is going to do everything I want before I invest too much time. One thing I wanted was a clear full screen dashboard using a house plan where I could place all the devices.

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