A true presence sensor from Aqara/Xiaomi?

As it is offered only as b2b product, why Hubitat does'nt consider it for rebranded selling with a native driver? @bravenel


If they won't release this to the regular folks then this would be a great idea for @agnes.zooz. I know they were recently trying to get ideas for new products on twitter. Add this to the list (along side my pool temp sensor idea :slight_smile:).


I have many ideas... :grin:

WoW WoW WoW, this will be a game changer for many applications! I was looking into using Wyze Cams for this purpose as described in another thread. I love the fact that it even has a ceiling mount that will keep it recessed.

Could this be what @mike.maxwell was talking about on the vlog cast almost a year ago?

But with this on the horizon, I'll just wait and see when and how much before doing anything else. And hoping that Hubitat makes a deal with them and rebrand it. This would put Hubitat even more on the map with this kind of product.

Also hope it has the possibility to have it hardwired.

Well, we'll see...
We're still waiting for Xiaomi's oft touted zigbee 3.0 sensors to hit the shelves...


Aqara/Xiaomi have even many others gadgets on the pipeline: bed presence sensor (same as Withings), wc (yes it is not a refuse, it is a wc!) and many others


Well if it is like all the other Aqara devices I have tried it won't work either.

I have tens of aqara devices and all work well , since more than one year. The situation is eve better with the @markus drivers. They need a good zigbee network. But of course this is my
own experience.


Why if it's ceiling mountable is it not got the option to take power :pensive:. 230v or 12v don't care which just not more battery stuff.

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I will be a naysayer here, I will believe it when I see it. I don't see how this can be some miracle device at (supposedly) $50 USD.

To do everything it says it does, there must be a downside somewhere. This technology cannot be inexpensive if it is as good as claimed, so they are likely taking shortcuts somewhere. Maybe it sucks down batteries like Oprah does cheesecake. Or it has a very short range. Or it really isn't as inexpensive as claimed.

I wouldn't get my hopes up that this is the perfect presence detection system we have been waiting for. Presence sensing is a very complex thing that has been worked on for years upon years, so do you really think that this one $50 device can possibly solve it?

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@neonturbo nobody knows for sure. I think it is still possible to be under 50 usd with mass production of radar sensors. If I'm not wrong the (already discontinued) BGT60LTR11AIP (similar technology afaik although not similar funcions) by infineon was not far from that price few year ago.
The aqara product price is not street price, it is a b2b price. I expect the user price be twice that price (299 CNY).
But .. yes we need to wait for :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing it out and consider it noted :wink:

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The b2b price should be about 42 $, the battery is rated 6 years,

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Some news about the device:

Already sold out (or has not started to sell yet?)