A temp changing problem Ikea bulb

I got a relatively new bulb called a TRADFRI bulb E12 CWS opal 600lm. It pairs fine after 8 on and offs with the switch and i can turn it on and off but i cant change its temperature.. anyone know if these even work right with the hub or should I just return them? also yes it paired right away with the generic zigbee ct bulb(dev) driver. I was using the ones that are just below these the ones that only go to 4k instead of 5k temp.

Never used them, but they say they are "color". The driver you are using is for white only, but you should still be able to do the three whites. You may need to play with the numbers close to the values the are rated for.

Try the Generic Color Bulb driver instead. Description says 3 whites and 8 colors, they might not be full spectrum, and hard to 'dial-in'

tried generic zigbee bulb as i don't see generic color bulb..and it only lets me change brightness and on and off. seems like it may only work with its ikea hub or something..

Your looking for generic ZigBee RGBW light, which is the colour one.

You might have problems with these, but there's nothing wrong with trying. Based on what I can see, I agree with the above that these bulbs claim both color and color temperature support, meaning that the RGBW driver would be the best match. However, other color-capable Trådfri bulbs I've used do not work with the hue/saturation (hs) color model that Hubitat uses; they implement only xy color. They also do not implement the color temperature clusters, again only xy. (Oddly, their CT-only bulbs do--those work fine on Hubitat. But they do three fixed color temperatures only; they'll pick whatever is closest to what you send.) Also of note: using these xy-only bulbs with a Hue Bridge would allow you to change the color from the Hue app, but it still won't work from Hubitat's integration because the Hue Bridge does not abstract details about the color model away from users. Hue bulbs accept xy in addition to hs or CT, as do all other bulbs I've used (though there are again some oddities on the Hubitat side for many cases if the bulb is in xy mode). Ikea's are odd here in that they don't.

So...try it, but you might find that the color and probably color temperature commands don't work at all. It wouldn't be impossible to make these work, but someone would have to convert between the two color models, and that is not an easy job. (I've tried...still hoping to make something work reliably some day, but not there yet.)

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Sorry I meant to say I also tried the rgb and rgbw and neither worked. Guess I'm gana have to get a Chinese brand..

Have a crack using: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/alh84001/bad15fd73dde3e20dc1750b470df5da4/raw/b17a59ee36be68e01954e150b883a876f3a88462/ikea-tradfri-rgb.groovy

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sorry I didn't see the reply before. How do I put that into hubitat? thats a driver right? would i make a new driver and copy/paste that into the text area? I've only been using it barebones with mostly default settings so I don't over complicate things or slow anything down.

Correct, you would need to add a 'New Driver' via the 'Drivers Code' menu item. Having said that, the driver doesn't seem to support the ability to reinstate 'white', so if your happy with sticking to the various shades of yellow, blue and red produced then give it a go. I wouldn't think that there is an impact on performance but I can't suggest that I undertook extensive testing whilst using this driver.

Ah so it doesn't do 5k or just white with the driver?

Not from the testing I did.

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