A smart home WTF the house nearly burned down moment

Using those Qubino Mini dimmers around the house. And last week I finally got round to installing one for the porch light. According to the manual you can install them with our without a neutral wire (3 or 2 Wire setup) This was the first time I tried the 2 wire setup without the N wire. Installed it and went to pick up the kids. Got back half an hour later and smelled this electrical smell you don't want to smell. It nearly burned the friggin house down ! scared the crap out of me !

Pretty close. Not doing that again.

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I would certainly call the manufacturer and find out what's up...I would also check the wiring for that porch light...

Given the clutter inside many boxes, adding these can make things crowded. I removed mine some time ago and went with Caseta, adding a Pro bridge. Soooo much better.


Indeed send them a support request and asked what could have gone wrong. As far as I can see I did everything according to the manual. It's a standard bulb reasonably new wiring. The only wiring that was in the box was the Phase wire and the Switching wire according to EU/Dutch regulation. Nothing fancy.

What about voltage/amp/frequency? (Not sure what freq you run over there) Is it 50 or 60? What was the unit rated for? Also check your switching wire and make sure that it's not somehow backfeeding power.

220, 221, whatever it takes.



:rofl: "well, you sound like a pretty handy guy" !

230V 50Hz with a max of 16Amp (3680W) In the past it was 220V, due to European regulation it has been changed to 230V so all country's are the same within the EU. Did an check on backfeeding when installing the dimmer. None of that was going on. I really wonder what Qubino support has to say on the matter.


Yeah as long as the rating/freq is correct and no back feeding on the power that "should not" have happened...

For the record I'm American so only deal with 220 as 2 single phase feeds with common and ground not an actual 220 single wire single phase so I'm not always certain about EU or other stuff.

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Not always. Our above ground pump for the well at our 100 yr old cottage is single phase 220, 2 wires with the ground being the pipe running into the well. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to connect a plug so i could connect to a generator during a power outage. I had to get an old friend who was a lineman help.me.

Yeah you can do that with certain equipment. Both my AC units are run like that. It's still 2 wire single phase. Using dual breaker with one wire per breaker.

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The difference is in US the two wires carrying the 220VAC are both 110Vac above ground.
In EU one of the 230VAC legs is at ground.


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