A new appreciation

Like you all I've made a hobby of tinkering with home automation. I first tried a few standalone brands/apps, then did SmartThings for a couple of years, then transitioned to Hubitat Elevation. It has been fun making it work and fixing what doesn't.
A few weeks ago my wife had a disastrous health event and overnight lost her mobility. With all the changes I'm having to make to our house, I'm very grateful to have already had the Hubitat environment set up. She has always enjoyed turning things on and off using voice commands, and now it's absolutely invaluable. I always thought of this stuff as a nerdy distraction, I never imagined it would mean this much to us.


So very sorry to hear about the health event.
I hope you know this community is here for you, thank you for opening up which can be difficult, as it really helps everyone here truly understand how much they do here really matters.


Never thought of this scenario (and grateful I haven't had to), but I can see how it is helpful. I'm sure you'll be adding more things you never thought you'd have to.

Wish you and your wife all the best.


What a great posting...it really puts things in perspective when we look at our own life situations. Thanks for shaing this. My situation isn't the same but I'm glad for the this technology, i absolutely love this community and there are so many helpful and talented folks here. My wife resisted initially but now she literally comes to me and says, 'can you make this do that..." and when I do it, she lights up. Doesn't get any better than that! Take care and be blessed.


Yeah, whether you guys realize it or not, the day will come when all this stuff will be an incredible help to you. We're all really lucky that tinkering turns us on, it opens so many possibilities we wouldn't otherwise have.