A lot of hoops with C8

Is anyone else having problems connecting the c8 with their android phone? The migration went fantastic, but when I go to log in with my phone, the hub is no where to be found (with the c5 it would connect instantly)! I can get there eventually (after I look at the ad for a monthly service fee, and a couple other hoops).

I was having the same issue on my iPad. Log out of the app and then log back in. My app was still pointing to my unplugged C-5.

Settings -> Select Hub

Besides the above, be aware that since you restored a backup as part of the migration (which you said you did), your new hub's name will be the same as the old one. I'd suggest changing it in Settings > Hub Details on the new hub if you haven't already; that way, you'll be able to tell the difference between the two more easily. Just one thing to consider if you haven't already!

In other words, if you haven't tried this (and you named the old one something like "C-7"), it's possible the name is just confusing but the new hub is actually there.

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Also be aware that if the new hub can't get to the internet because of DNS issues, that can cause the kinds of issues you're seeing. Make sure that is configured correctly in the Network Settings ("Override DNS" if you have DHCP set up). If you change the name of the hub while it's not connected to the Hubitat services, that will definitely be a symptom (ask me how I know :wink: ).

Hmmm... I wonder. On my PC the only way I can find my hub is through the Mac address. What specifically am i looking for in the network settings. BTW, if it matters, i did shut my c5 down and unplugged it.

If it's network related, best thing to do is make sure you have a MAC address association in the DHCP settings of your router, and then hit the reset button on the bottom of the unit (HOLD for 8 seconds), then reboot it through the web interface. Ideally, when it comes back up, it should associate to the address in your router. The MAC address will NOT be the same between the two hubs (or any other device on the network). After you can get back into the hub, make sure the DNS settings say something like the IP address of your gateway/router, and a few public ones, like,, (separate each address with a comma). After awhile, the hub will poke out to the internet to make itself known to Hubitat's servers, and you should see it pop up in your registered hubs without having to search for it, as well as in the app.

Aggolden: i believe you are on to something. I changed the c8's name and after logging back in. It connected right up! It's getting late and mama wants to go to bed. I will let you know for sure tomorrow.

So, when I migrated, the name of the c8 was now hub(new). This was NOT workable, as my PC would find my c8 only through the mac address. No hubs at all were detected on my android phone (I did shut down and unplug my c5). As soon as I changed the name on the c8, the skies parted! Now the PC easily finds my hub, my phone logs right in, and everything is snappy! Lesson learned for people that will be migrating..... change the hub name!!

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