A comparison of 4 presence detection methods


Never mind, I see now that it would likely!

I'm not super technically advanced, but I'll take a crack at this sometime

Not that one but there are others like

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I have a tasker profile handling a basic home/away mode based on geofence, Bluetooth and WiFi, which sends an http, but we are moving soon and I'm not sure what the cell reception is like there (it's not great at my parents, which is about 8 blocks away) so I was wondering if anyone has a method that doesn't rely on the phone have internet to communicate with the hub

My method only requires wifi to be left on on the phone which I generally do anyway as this helps the phones location services. All processing is done off phone so no battery eating app is required. House locks/unlocks, alarm sets/unsets when I'm close to home (within sight) but not so close I can't go to the rubbish bins etc. By the time I've walked to the front door or got out of the car on the drive the door is unlocked and the alarm turned off.....every time!

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