9/11 - A long day

For many 9/11 is a day to never forget, for me it's a day that hit too close to home. This is a post from my friend Jim about the lose of his brother. We still visit his farm often but there is always a sense of loss. But Jim does his best to make everyone feel at home and when talking to Jim, one is always going to have a laugh or two.

Please no politics or debates, just remember those that were lost and those that were effected by this worldwide.

Thank you.


Wow, thank you for posting this.


An emotional read. 911 will always be in our thoughts.


Thanks for posting this.... It still is a "punch in the gut" and I get choked up every time I hear or read about personal stories about that horrible day. The thing that strikes me the most is how many seemingly ordinary people, that were going about their normal day, showed us how truly extra-ordinary people they were in the face of such adversity. People like John who sacrificed everything and left this world in a "flash of valor". Godspeed on your journey to the next life John. I pray for Jim and the others that stayed behind and still today relive the horrors of that day. Thanks again for posting.....


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