6 inch can light suggestions? zwave with inovelli red dimmer switches

I’m selling my house and trying to sell it with my wiz lights is going to cause me too much trouble. They’re unreliable and any new buyer wouldn’t put up with it, and would need basic network knowledge which isn’t likely. I think zwave lights with direct association is a better way to go for reliability when selling.

I have Inovelli red dimmer switches and looking for best recommendation for reliable 6 inch can lights so i can replace them without patching sheet rock.

Looking for something to slot in to the same hole as this


Any suggestions/ideas welcome. thanks!

edit: My house is wired for a smart lighting controller, ie all the light circuits go back to the server room not to the switch, so I can't just put dumb lights in.

I think direct association has to be z-wave to z-wave, and most color bulbs/smart bulbs are zigbee. I've had great luck with sylvania SMART+ 6" RGBW & their BR30 bulbs. I have 14 of them in 1 room. Others in here love Lifx stuff, but more expensive than Sylvania.

You could also go non-smart bulbs, check inovelli.com for brand compatibility with smooth dimming from the Red series

I use the commercial electric kelvin color selectable 5/6" lights throughout my house. Work well with my caseta switches (so they'll work with any switch)

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