6 buttons, 2 bulb and a week of headache

Hi here,

I'm new to hubitat and I'm super excited about having almost everything to work so quickly!

Almost everything!

I'm trying to do something a bit more complex than a 1:1 association for my living/dining room:

I installed 2 scenes controllers (zooz zen32), and 2 sengled bulbs. One of each in each room.

But I tried lot of different approaches, and all the time I'm having either issues with one 1:1 button association or with the 1:2 button. It seems that the switch state for one bulb is not always updated.

I tried: basic rules, rule machine and group... I'm found no working solution...

Have you already experienced a behaviour like that?
What is the best way to make it work?

Can you put into plain language exactly what you're trying to do? It looks like you want the red button to turn on both, the purple to only turn on the left, and the green to only turn on the right...is that correct?

That's exactly that!

Probably just want to use Button Controller then. If it were me, I would create a virtual button device and use rules to maps the physical button to the virtual...then use the virtual in the Button Controller rules. For example:

IF(physical_1_button_1 OR physical_2_button_1 pressed) THEN
Press virtual button 1

Then in Button Controller, setup virtual button 1 to turn on both lights.

Follow-up Question: How are you planning to turn the lights off?

So are the Scene controllers set to Smartbulb mode, or are they controlling a relay?

Are you using the switch state in the Zen32, or the bulb itself?

I am just trying to understand what the comment about switch state is about and where it is failing.

The bulbs state on/off state should be completely separate from the Scene controller. So if the bulb is not reporting it's state properly maybe they need a firmware update or have a range issue with the hub. If you are using state in the Zen32 that may be a bit more complicated and cause issues I think.

I would use button controller. Basically you would need the same setup twice one for each zen32. That would be button 1,3 and 5 though so keep that in mind.


@trash-anger As @FriedCheese2006 Button controller is your best bet

Create a button controller for each zen

On each controller

Button 1-both on
Button 2 left on
Button 3 right on
Button 4 any on turn off
Button 5 blow up neighborhood...

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Wow, I didn't know about virtual devices! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I'd like to use the same button to toggle the lights.

The small button (1) turn on or off the living room bulb
The small button (2) turn on or off the dining room bulb
The big button (5) turn on or off both bulb if they are on the same state, if one is already lighted, I'd like to turn it off.

Yes, they are. The relays are just configured as passthru.

I'll check that in a minute! :slight_smile: Thanks.

It's not the issue, because when I'm configuring the setup in a 1:1 fashion everything works perfectly fine! It's just a software mess-up when the switch has to be done on 2 bulbs.

I'm currently trying to only make it work with one scene controller.

:laughing: That's already the case! They hear me shout each time I realize it's not working!!!
I'd like to keep the same button to toggle the state of bulbs, but indeed if it's not possible to make it work I'll go this way!

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