5V DC dual Relay

Hi guys

Looking for a very unusual recommendation I'm looking for a 5v DC. Dual. Relay that is either Z-Wave+ EU or ZigBee.


@Cobra any recommendation?

If you're into true DIY, take a look at how to build your own with an ESP8266 or similar. I use dual relays for our Bearded Dragons heat lamps based on this architecture. Knock on wood, they have NEVER failed! They are IP based and not Z-Wave or Zigbee, but integrate perfectly with Hubitat. The Instructable below is from back when we were still on ST, but all still applies now to HE.


Unfortunately no.
It’s easy to do the other way (operate a 5vdc relay from HE)
But I don’t know of anything that works with 5vdc as the supply voltage


Thanks both.

Really wanted to avoid wifi/Lan devices.
I know Sonoff now has a 220v in and out zigbee switch.

By the way in my endless search i found out that the IKEA driver outputs between 8v to 24v so it can potentially be modded for those interested.

You can also use a smartplug and have a USB 5vdc adaptor plugging in it. In this case, 2 smartplugs and 2 adaptors.

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The reason why I want to use DC 5v is to not use 220v

This is the only somewhat customizable Zigbee device that i know of that can be powered by 5vdc. @iharyadi has been making enhancements, including the ability to use the GPIO for different purposes. I am not sure if it supports 2 digital outputs or not. You’d had to add your own relay(s) of course.

I have two of them that have been working great for months, providing temperature, humidity, pressure, and luminance data.