5-day/10-day forecast hourly-daily chart with overlays

Any source for how to output weather in an overlay chart graph charting the weather for the next 5-10 days?
An example of my dashboard is using Fully Kiosk pointing to my website using iframes showing the weather in a line graph: Temperature, Humidity, & Chance of Perception displayed hourly through multiple days with controls to touch screen to drag finger to retrieve the time of day

the source (the entire webpage) loaded from Weather Underground and with custom css on my end, it displayed a specific area of the page.

Would like to continue displaying from Weatherundergrnd but how specifically to fix to load without CORS being an issue? I've spent too long trying to find answers.

Thank you

HubiGraph Weather Tile 2.0 would support that. Forecasts come from OW, however... I have a 5 day forecast ...

I'm speaking displaying as seen in the picture... Graphically.