4CH eWelink Zigbee Smart Switch Module+ 433 remote

I am struggling big time to get the included Remote control to this Zigbee smart switch to Pair, have any of you any manual or can guide me how to get this unit into Remote pair mode, it connects perfect into HE, Zigbee, and i can control all 4 switches form dashboard and from device, BUT cannot find anything how to get the remote to work, if i hold the mode button or hold any of the manual 4 switch buttons the unit goes into Zigbee Pair mode, but i have not figure out how to get into Remote control Pair mode.

4CH eWelink Zigbee Smart Switch Module+ 433mhz Remote Control APP Timer fr Alexa | eBay

any one :slight_smile:

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I smashed mine. Never again. After I tried pairing it my garage door would start randomly opening and closing all day.

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If you search you'll see others reporting bad zigbee behavior on this device

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What he said!

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hi thanks for the info, need to agree, seems to trigger switches for some reason without me doing anything...

do you have experience with another unit say 4CH or so that seems work better?
what did you go with to control the garage instead of this one?


@kkossev has kindly written a driver for it. Available from his GitHub, linked below:

thanks for the info

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I feel I found issue, with the Unit, I unsoldered the Antenna and the the crystal oscillator from the mother board.

Seems to trigger random commands to the board, now I will supervise how the Zigbee portion behave, so far been having zero issues when it comes to Zigbee side of it, the random commands, in my case was from 433mhz command signals, ( Log file in HE is clean when it comes to anything form this unit)
I don't care about that if the Zigbee works.

I'm using Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch
and Child Generic Component Switch

if someone wonder


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