4-Zone RGB+CCT Smart Panel Remote Controller

Is there a way to have any type of control of this device:

4-Zone RGB+CCT Smart Panel Remote Controller. Here is the Amazon link:

You can use this switch without any wiring changes, just leave actual switch on all the time.

The bulbs are these:
Here is the manual link:

I was told the bulbs were Zigbee. I tried to search for Zigbee devices for them, but Hubitat didn't find them.

They are awesome, easy to use and set-up as is, but I really need them tied into the Hubitat for voice control.
Any ideas or suggestions?

The Amazon link you gave for the bulbs states that they are WiFi bulbs, so no direct support from HE unless there is a community driver. That being said, you could set them up as virtual bulbs in HE and use Alexa to coordinate status.

I don't know how to get Alexa to find them, all I can do is unpair them from the switch in the link, then when I put them in pairing mode (only stays on like 5 seconds), nothing finds them. They aren't even seen in my router?

Generally you have to use the bulb's app to pair them and then add the app's Alexa skill to add them to Alexa. After that Alexa should discover them.

I am waiting on an answer from hopefully the seller, I can't find an app that even works with them...only the wall switch. I may have to use their gateway;

(Amazon.com) , to get it to work, try connecting to it maybe. I can always return it if that doesn't work. Suppose to be here tomorrow.

Hmmm... Reading over the controller installation it looks like these bulbs may only be designed to work their controller. Don't see any way to easily control them with anything outside of that. Given enough time and determination you might be able to do some packet captures and determine a method of using them without the controller, but it won't be quick.

I finally heard back from seller. They said they do need their wifi hub to work with their app/alexa/gh, etc. Suppose I will find out once it gets here. Wasn't a good investment I am finding out. Thx for the replies BTW

Didn’t Paul Hibbert do a video on the Zigbee version? Cant remember if he mentioned Hubitat or not?

Found the link: https://youtu.be/6CFpGRGGHDQ

Yes, he did, love his videos. That's how I found them. But he didn't go into any detail on setting them up, other than with the wall switch. I am suppose to get their hub today, hopefully that will do it.

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Oh let us know how you get on, would be interested to know your thoughts on it

Had my primary HDD die, been dealing with it most of the day. I got the hub today, it installed fairly easy. The app wouldn't install on older tablets though. It does allow you to use the app, the wall switch as well as Alexa (including color changing). But I have yet to try to set it up with HE. Most likely will have to set it up as virtual. The setup offered up to 4 zones, not sure what I might be able to do with that, as the device is only using a single IP? It might be above my head.

Will post more after I start tinkering with it.

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I got it working fine with Alexa and wall switch, but can't figure out how to get it into HE (for my dashboards and working without the net)

I have the IP and MAC of the hub device, that's it

With some Alexa Routines using the new Custom Actions options, you can add virtual devices into HE to
trigger the corresponding Alexa Routine. It's a hack but should work.

Will this code work with RGBW lights, they are not motion sensors. If so, would I add to the Apps Code or Drivers Code?

You install it in Drivers. The code is simple. It's just a trigger that converts a switch to a motion sensor. Alexa responds when a motion sensor has been triggered in an Alexa Routine.

Alexa does what you tell her to, so yes it will work with RGBW lights connected to Alexa. If the lights are Zigbee or Z-Wave, they can likely be paired with Hubitat Elevation.

Well, I was told they were Zigbee, but I don't think they are, as HE will not discover them. I installed the code, then tried creating a virtual switch using it. I don't understand how I am to get them to see each other with HE

If you have bulbs joined to Alexa, they are not going to ever be "seen" by HE. What you are doing is exposing the Virtual switch that acts like a motion sensor triggering, and the Alexa Routine then does an action you specify in the routine. You need to have the Amazon Echo Skill app for HE installed, and then you add the Virtual Switch as Motion sensor to the Amazon Echo Skill app in HE.

It should immediately pop up on your phone as available in the Alexa app.

Next, in the Alexa app, you create an Alexa Routine. In the Alexa Routine, you configure When a Motion Sensor is Active, do your custom Action.
Here's an example of that.

I'll also refer you to my post that references a new ability for Alexa to not only control bulbs, switches, dimmers, fans and thermostats, but also pretty much anything that Alexa normally allows control of by speaking to it, except you are writing what you would have verbalized. Granted, that post assumes you are already familiar with how to expose HE devices to Alexa and how to create routines in the Amazon Alexa app.

The bulbs you linked to in your first post say WiFi in the listing.

Thank you @SmartHomePrimer. I have been able to get a test working. I really appreciate you taking the time to assist me. I assume this solution is not going to work without internet connection though, correct? Will I also have to create a new Virtual Motion Switch for each action I wish to use; I.E. turn on lights, turn lights off, turn lights blue, turn lights red to be able to use this method in my dashboards?

I sure wish I had caught the"WiFi" part. These may be great for folks that rely totally on the cloud, but I strive for off-cloud use with the ability to use cloud as an option. Again, I want to say thanks.

You can adjust the code so the Virtual Motion as Switch stays on if you want. That way you would only need to create two routines, and only one Virtual Motion as Switch device.