3rd-party temperature probe that works with qubino?

Does anyone have experience/knowledge using a third-party temperature probe with a Qubino relay? I have some relays already in position, and I think a temperature probe that mounts like
THIS or THIS might be a good solution for me to check pool water temp -- but it looks like those are 2-wire probes and I know the Qubino has 3 wires. Is the Qubino probe specific to and calibrated for the relay, or are there other brands that would be plug-and-play?
Is suppose another option would be to find something that does work with one of these types of probes that is also a wired z-wave device?

I'm no expert for sure, but here's my 2 cents.
I just finished installing a Fibaro Smart Implant.
It's z-wave and is powered by a 12vdc wall wart.
It uses a DS18B20 probe.
These are cheap online-hopefully not too cheaply made.
I attached three of these probes to the SI-it can take a max of six.
The DS18B20 probe has three wires. It's called a 1-wire probe because it's digital and the data from different probes can all be transmitted on one wire.
Maybe the Quibino uses DS18B20 probes too.
My Fibaro SI says to use a max of 9 meters length.
edit: I meant 3 meters, sorry.

Thanks, I'm going to look into that.

Update - FYI, I did end up going with the Fibaro device, thanks for the tip. What a small footprint that thing has! The wiring is a bit fine for my taste, harder to work with such small gauges sometimes. But that plus a temperature probe have worked perfectly for my application:

(Relevant to the initial topic of this thread, it still would be nice to know what other options work natively with the Qubino....)

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Nice looking setup. Much better than anything I cob together.

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