3D printed Hubduino cases

Has anyone designed any enclosures for Hubduino sensors that can house an ESP8266 and whatever sensor/relay/etc for it? I searched thingiverse, and I didn't see much other than basic ESP8266 cases, or ESP8266 cases with a screen for a weather monitor or whatever.

It would be cool to have these Hubduino things packaged up into something that didn't look like a bomb. :slight_smile:

I'd post this over on the HubDuino thread. You will probably find someone in there may have done this. Good idea though I love HubDuino but i just have my parts installed in generic little boxes from my local electronics store.

Since Hubduino makes it easy to attach multiple sensors, I mount mine in standard-ish electrical boxes and run wires to the remote locations of the sensor. For one Hubduino device, I have multiple temperature sensors going to different areas in my home and a servo for adjusting my heating. In another, I have multiple thermocouples connected to the outdoor oven and grill while the Hubduino is indoors.

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Oooh, I found this:

eBay has a gazillion "plastic hobby box" listings.

And most of them are crap where you have to just use a ton of hot glue to mount your stuff in them. I was thinking more along the lines of something specifically made for an ESP8266 and standard sensors where you could snap them in.

I understand the desire for a "snap in" mounting. I just wanted others to know the eBay boxes are available.

As for crap...its a molded box, can't do too much to it. I've purchased a number of them and had good luck. My mounting method uses some thing like this:


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