3:00 AM nature calls = HE no lights, etc

The most important thing I have HE doing is to turn on the lights in the water closet when I answer the 3:15 AM call of nature. I have a motion sensor and 2 smart bulbs driven by a simple lighting rule. It works like charm except at around 3AM.

Google says Hubitat is not responding or unavailable when responding to voice commands at the same time. Dashboard buttons don't respond either. This lack of response is happening with switches, bulbs, and sensors.

The only thing going on at that time is the HE backup.

I am up consistently every morning at this time. I need HE to light my path and destination when nature calls.

How can this be resolved? What should I be seeing/not seeing in logs? I am on current current release.

Yap Flapper

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I dont think you can change it. I'm pretty sure Hubitat is coded to do it's nightly maintenance at this time. There have been requests to have the maintenance at a time specified by the user, but it's probably low down on the list.

What you could do is turn your lights on at 2:59am and then turn them off at 3:20am once it's done it's maintenance.


Good suggestion. Thanks.