2nd Hubitat C7 Hub

I bought a second hub so that I could move all of my Sylvania Lightify bulbs on that hub. Does anyone know how to move a device from one hub to another?

Nothing special--you have to do it yourself. The easiest way is to (make sure the device is online) and do a "Remove" on the device page on the first hub, then put the other hub in pairing mode and pair it like normal. See Hubitat's pairing mode instructions if you don't know how to do this for your device: Join and Reset Instructions - Hubitat Documentation

(So...pretty much what was written above while I was typing.)

You could just reset it, but the advantage of removing it from the first hub is that with Zigbee, that normally also resets it, so your job is a bit easier. The downside is that the device gets removed from that hub, so you won't be able to reference apps and whatnot that were using it...so, come to think of it, that might be easier if you care about that. :slight_smile:

To get it shared with the first hub, perhaps you've looked into this already, but Hub Mesh is now built-in. I'd probably start there if you don't have have another reason. HubConnect was (and remains) a popular community option, and it's good too. Hub Link is an older built-in option I wouldn't recommend at this point.


I deleted mine, your write-up is much better. :slight_smile:

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You probably already thought of this, but export any rule before you remove device so you can import it on the new hub.


Hi, I'm looking for some nuanced information on my strategic move to a C-7.

I JUST moved from Samsung to an old C5 I had and it was really struggling. I got a C7 and I went to enable mesh. Following the instructions it appears the 'actual device' doesn't get moved to the other hub, it just allows all the communicating/sharing.

I read that changes will have to be made to devices on its hub and if you do it on a mesh hub, it won't backfill to the other hub. Ok, I get that and it makes sense.

Here's my question:
Am I to assume that given this information, if I do not physically move the devices to the new hub, I will ALWAYS be tied to the old hub to make updates to devices and such?

I know it'll break everything in webcore and I LITERALLY just went through this over the last few weeks but I'd like confirmation that there's either some sort of benefit and this will ultimately be the better more appropriate path for me before I sink all the time into it to find out later, there's no real benefit to moving the devices vs meshing them.

I guess what I'm expecting is to use my c7 as primary to do heavy lifting and the C5 for either more specialized or on the edge of range devices.

Additionally, do I only receive the benefits of the improved security protocols of the c7 by physically moving the devices to it? And not by some magical mesh osmosis?

Sorry, I legitimately looked for information of the benefits of moving to a C7 and they were scarce. I'm fully willing to do this the hard way if it's the right way. I just want to ensure there's some sort of benefit to this approach.


Hub Mesh is just a built-in way to share "devices" across your LAN. By "devices," I really mean sending and receiving events and commands to/from the device between hubs. Hub Mesh doesn't care what protocol the real device uses, so to directly answer one of your questions, you are unable to use Z-Wave S2 or other new C-7 features if you are not on a C-7.

In your case, the C-7 wouldn't be totally useless even without "real" devices paired to it. WebCoRE has historically been a bit of an intense app (and it's still pretty large), so despite the improvements that have been made lately, you'll still likely save some processing power on your original hub by running this app elsewhere--even if in the end all the commands get sent to the devices on the original hub (and the events--attribute value changes--sent out). You may not need to do that, and this isn't the only possible use for the other hub, but it's not unheard of.

That's a great idea and you've provided valuable clarity. Thanks!

The C-7 and the C-5 hubs share the exact same CPU, RAM, eMMC Storage, and Zigbee Radio hardware. The only difference between the two hub models is that the C-5 has a 500 series Z-wave radio, while the C-7 has a 700 series Z-wave radio.