240v mains powered zigbee repeaters

Recently moved overseas and I’ve set up my HE. Currently only have gledopto 5 in 1 rgb controllers. One seems to be a little unresponsive. I think it’s due to the location and wanted to get some zigbee repeaters. Lots of powered zigbee devices in the US that you can buy but not finding too many options over seas. Any thoughts on some mains powered devices that are 240v ( preferably UK plug style ) options. I bought some sonoff plugs. They seem to be responding decently. Are those repeaters?

If you go to Settings-> Zigbee and click on the Zigbee Map hyperlink, you should be able to distinguish between your end- devices (usually battery-powered) and the repeating/rounding devices.

I am using successfully also the USB-powered Tuya Zigbee repeater, it is small in size but very effective.


+1 for the Tuya USB Repeaters.

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Just ordered 3 of the usb repeaters. Not a bad price. Like 10 bucks US each.
When I get back to the house I’ll look at that option to check which are repeaters. Thanks.

I prefer the IKEA repeaters. They have never failed me, and are cheap.

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Really dumb question.
As the repeaters are not end devices that fail to work if there was a connection issue. How do you k ow if a repeater is effectively on line?

You can always tell if an Ikea Repeater is still online.
In one tab, go to settings, zigbee, and turn on zigbee logging.
In another tab, bring up the ikea repeater in the device page, and click one of the two boxes on the device page (it doesn't matter which one).
In the logging page, you should see some activity.

Connected 3 of the Tuya repeaters. Paired extremely easy. From the mesh map looks like some of my end devices are already routed through them

Being in Malaysia with a different zwave frequency I’m trying to stick to Zigbee as I probably will never have enough zwave devices to make a decent mesh. I’m really kicking myself for not bringing my Lutron bridge pro. I mainly have LED controllers / strips in my setup. Been looking for zigbee button controllers so I can change intensity , colors etc . Found some Sonoff SNZB 01s for a good price but never used them before. I’ve ordered some anyway to trial. But would love to use my picos that are just sitting in a storage bin I. Houston:(

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Get another one. They’re relatively inexpensive. As are Picos.

Sadly when I look for. Bridge 2 pro and picos on Malaysian websites everything is shipped from the US. About 250 usd for the bridge and 50 usd each for the pico remotes. I loved it in Houston. Not paying that in a rental condo!
I’ll look for some different zigbee options.
I did get a couple of the Sonoff buttons on order. Looking to see if I can find the tuya now.

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