2 things. Hide certain dashboards and remove the "Dashboards" from a dashboard tile

As per the title, is there any way to hide certain dashboards. I would prefer certain dashboards to only be opened through the main dashboard where it has a tile linked to the dashboard. Removes the clutter when opening up the android app where you select the dashboard.

Also, can the word "Dashboards" be removed from the dash board tiles? It doesn't need to be there in my case, and it also messes up tiles that aren't very high on mobile devices where I have it auto size to fit the screen.

Hi @peterbrown77.pb,

From what I have seen I can't see a way to "hide" the dashboards, only restrict access. There is an option to restrict access through the Hubitat Dashboard App, but the dashboard still appears in the list of dashboards, but an error is displayed instead of the dashboard. Shame. Maybe someone else has a way to do this.

The tile labels at the bottom of the tile can be removed, but it is quite a tedious process, unfortunately. You need to adjust the CSS for the tile. There is a post on CSS more generally, I'll try to find it soon, if you still get stuck I can try to provide an example as well.


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Is this the one you are referring to?


That appears to do a much more thorough job of explaining it :slight_smile: The first link to another post was the one I think I was referring to when I played around with doing this.

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Thanks heaps. I started looking at it as though I had a huge learning curve ahead of me... but it was one of those ones that I just got lucky on..

I added this to the css section (in the gear icon area of the dashboard).

#tile-3 .tile-title{visibility: hidden;}

Found the tile ID from right clicking on the tile and choosing inspect. I now realise you can get it from the 3 dots on the tile.

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This has now got me looking at changing certain tiles font sizes and justifications.. So has added far more value than just hiding the "Dashboards" text.


Have you considered a direct link to the Dashboard instead of going through the Hubitat app? In the child app for your dashboard (Apps > Hubitat Dashboard), you should have LAN and cloud links for that dashboard. Choose whichever works for you, then try navigating directly to that page in the browser app of your choice (you can even create a link to it on the home/main screen of your phone/tablet so it will look like an app). You'll get a lot less UI around the Dashboard that way, and you'll have a harder time getting to others that aren't explicitly linked with a tile (but PIN protection would really be best if you're concerned about others since you can still do it with a tap on the logo).

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You can disable that under options.

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I have now made a direct link to the main dashboard. The main tablet controller now uses Kiosk Dashboard that starts at the main dashboard url. So fast and appears like a dedicated controller now. Very happy.