2 relay module to fix Double swtich that is Zwave 700

Is anyone aware of a Dual Switch module that is Zwave 700. I have been looking at the Qubino 2 relay module to put behind the switch, but just wondering if there are any newer better options out our coming soon.

I looked around as well a little while ago and came up with nothing. But, Zooz has this, if it would work for you


There are nice Aeotec toys:


I am using few of these things.
They are a bit expansive but looks very good plus could fit into small electric box.

I have one and it is working nicely. A lot of customization available for different needs.

I am not a fan of this device. I had it installed along with 2 Flush 1D dry contact relays for years. Their size is great but they are a pain in the behind to exclude and the signal is weak with that little antenna. The Flush 1Ds have been working well and have a temp probe attached but still a pain to exclude when I had to like move from a C5 to a C7.

At one point I was having issues with my Zwave mesh and support told me the dual relay was spamming my mesh and that I should exclude and re-include. I was never able to fully disable the power metering which I believe was the issue. I had reported this via a separate thread but unfortunately never got any responses from HE staff. But since that time the device died and I went a different route all together.

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Really what I want to hear is hey there is this device that is out or coming out and is Z-Wave 700.

I know that there are a few different micro switchs from Fibaro, Aeotec, Qubino and such that go inside the box. Frankly i am not a huge fan of this which is largely why i am posing this question.

I did think about the Zen30, but it is first Zwave 500 and it looks like it's real intention is for some other function different from what i am thinking. Like it is intended for Fan and light combo in bathrooms or something. That doesn't mean it couldn't work tough. I think it would be a good result.

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Did someone already mention the Zooz ZEN17?

It is kind of big, though, and maybe not what you are looking for.

This showed up a little while back on Z-Wave Alliance:


The relays are limited to 5A each, but i looks like it is available now. Here's an eBay link.


That looks good if not a little overkill but i am in the US, so atleast for now it looks like a no go.

Yea.. not exactly what i am thinking. I have one of the Zen17's that is handling some fireplace stuff. It is working well there. I don't think it would fit in a 2 gang switch box though. I really wish they didn't use this 2 stacked switch option they did.

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Thos are the only 2 zwave 700 relay devices that have passed through cert so far.

I personally have my doubts that manufactures are going to make a big effort to go with Zwave 700 devices. First of all, as everyone knows there is a significant chip shortage. Next we have the impact of "matters" which will (at the very least) engender uncertainty and doubt in the HA market. Next we have just the very few players who have come out with a 700 series Hub (Hubitat is one of the very few).

If I were a manufacturer of devices, I would think twice before commiting to releasing a Zwave 700 product.

Well, there are already a TON of zwave 700 devices that have made it through certification. So I would expect most/all of those to hit the market in one form or another as it is a sunk cost at this point.

Past that, who knows?

By my count 72 Products out of over 3000?
Is that your definition of a TON?
(Not that I want to argue...)

Yup, it is. At least for something that most of its released time has been during COVID. Your definition/opinion may differ though.

In the end I only need the 10 or so device types I need to be supported. :wink: But I don't care in the end. If matter is better than zwave for my personal needs, I'll use that instead. If neither meet my needs long term, I'll figure something else out.


Well, as you said "who knows".
I would definitely agree that we shall have to wait and see.
However, for the reasons stated above, I believe that it's not a smart play to invest heavily in zwave 700, at this point in time.
As I have stated in the past, it's not the best technology that wins - and it's only in hindsight that we know what technology will "win" in the Home Automation arena.

At this point in time, the "protocol of the future" is especially cloudy!

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I would ask you why would you think it is a bad idea to get Zwave 700 gear if you can. I don't expect it to be the end all be all solution. I expect things to keep evolving. No mater how you look at it though, It is better then Zwave 500 in several ways.

Why invest in the latest tech. Because at this point I can and there is no harm in doing so. If at some point there is something better I may move onto that as well, or if what need just isn't made with Zwave 700 I may go ahead and get a older generation to fill the need.