2 Ques. where to leave suggestions and motion sensor that works with HE

Hello guys,

1st question hopefully easy but I can't find it, If we want to give suggestions is there a place to do that? most forum will have a "Suggestion" section which I don't see, is the only way to email the support team?

2nd question is, I see people most the brand and name of motion sensors they have a hard time with but I'm not seeing many and I've been searching through some threads here to find a motion sensor that works well with HE. I don't want to order something and then find out it's bad because of some known issue I maybe not aware of.

Thank you!

Support > Feature Requests ??

Might be an appropriate category.

If it's totally off the wall, I sometimes put those in Lounge.

I've found the 2018 version of the SmartThings motion sensor to work really well. It's Zigbee, reasonably fast and seems battery efficient as well.

It's also inexpensive, and I really like the magnetic mount design. I consider the thing to be pretty small too, which makes them relatively innocuous when mounted.

I've also used a ZSE09 from Zooz, looks like a little glowing eyeball, but it works well.


The SmartThings motion sensors of most generations work well. I say most because I think there are at least five generations and I only have hands on experience with three of those. I find the Aeon ones a bit sluggish but they have not failed - just a little slow. I am so far quite impressed with the AdurSmart Eria sensor but it's only been two days so we should probably give it time.

:point_up: The ST is probably the best right now for all the reasons stated, it also does temp.

The Zooz 4-1 can be had pretty cheap. It supposedly is the fastest Zwave one out.

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Well I feel stupid lol, You can get so lost in all these threads, I must have glazed over that and didn't even notice and I WAS there smh.

Thanks Eric!

Awesome thank you! I don't need a ST hub to go along with that right? I didn't need a Lutron hub before either but I had to get 1.

No, you don't need an ST hub, the motion sensors are well supported under HE. In fact, I think all the 2018 ST branded devices are supported. I'm using several motion sensors, two or 3 of the plug-in outlets, and a whole bunch of their buttons. All work perfectly fine.