2 New Dashboard apps in my list of installed apps

@patrick I seem to have 2 of the new ® Dashboard apps in my list.

I hadn't noticed it earlier but would this remove both if I remove the "unused" one?

Please update to the latest version.

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I had already updated first thing this morning to 2.07.124

If you remove the unused one it should be fine. Of course, can't hurt to take a backup just in case.

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It removed successfully. Any reason I could have had 2 installed apps. After I removed it, I went back to see if I could install it again ,just to test, and it didn't. ????

It was due to the duplicated Dashboard in release 121.

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I have two maker API built in app, and have for months. When I press add built in app, I get it twice there. Not sure what it means.....


Maker API allows for multiple installs.

Yes, I know, appreciated. But I'm talking about this...

Are you on the latest release? And a C5?

Latest release, C4. Been like that for months....


@patrick C4. Didnt fix with the update yesterday. Latest patch.