2 devices problem

I included my devices in my new Hubitat. All show up on the list and on .114 now

2 devices have no control.
1 devices is stuck on sync pending
1 device just does not respond to any commands. FYI the same device (shade) right next to it work fine. I excluded it and included it again, but same result. This device is 3 meters from the Hubitat.

All devices are shades? Sync pending sounds like a battery powered device, you must wake up the device to sync, but not sure how those shades work..

Nothing is battery. The device pending sync is a Fibaro dimmer modual.
The shade device is a Fibaro shutter control modual.

What driver are you using and were they working prior to. 114 or are you saying you just included them and not working?

I updated to 114 8/22 2:53.
One device was included 8/23 This device no control
Other device was included 8/22 2:40 This device says sync pending:true