2 devices offline and dashboard help

Hello guys, I hope this is a simple issue to resolve, I've been tweaking my dashboard and I can't figure out how to get them to all line up and not show empty spaces from what was deleted.

My other 2 main issues 1. My door lock stopped responding, i don't want to just remove it and add it back, but I'm trying to figure out why it stopped and once I have it running again, how do I add the battery% to show, last night I notice the battery was down to 40%. I replaced it with new batteries, restarted the hub, but it's still showing 40% and no activity since 12/1. I included a log file, to be honest I'm not sure what to look for it in. another pic is to show the battery still shows 40%, but i'm assuming it's still showing that because the system is none responsive.

My 2nd main issue is my outdoor light was just working and now it stopped, you can see the date in when it was added and the last activity showing it's been working for some time, so again I'm confused in why it just stopped.

My hub is up to date as well, I saw a new update showed up yesterday, so updated to that, but the issue is still there.

My hub has not moved from it's location since I started using it, and it's less than a foot away from the door and the outside light is just on the other side of hub from the outside. everything else on my HUB is working fine.

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If you click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the button (or cell) you want to move, it will pop up a tool dashboard and the default page of that dashboard will allow you to move tiles around.

The current cell is the blue one, the green ones are currently vacant. The left four-way cursor allows you to move cells, the right one allows you to alter the size of cells.

Is this what you were asking about? Or did I miss your point?

OMG thank you! yes that's exactly what I wanted. I thought I tried that before but I never saw it moved. I think my issue was I didn't hit close, I thought it would move right away so I could see that it moved and when it didn't, I clicked the x to get out thinking I was going to screw it up even more.

It's a little cumbersome because the edit window opens on top of what you are trying to edit so you can't see what you are doing.

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