2 devices disappeared?

I moved my HE back to my server room after getting all my devices included.
When I rebooted HE, 2 devices farthermost for HE dissappeared from my device list. I moved HE back to it's original place, but they are still gone. Did a Zwave repair-no help.
Before I do anything else, what do you suggest? I would think that enrolled devices would remain part of my zwave and just not work. Strange to me they would disappear as if they never existed.

That's strange for sure. I have hundred of devices now and I have to be extra careful when excluding Z-Wave devices due to accidental exclusion. Possible you did something similar? Maybe give support a shout.

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I thought I posted this in support already.
I know I did not exclude them. That is the strange part.

@Navat604 means email support@hubitat.com and @bobbyD will take care of you.

Yeah, it's better that way.


Thank you.

Support will probably help in that they can see a bit more, but just an idea: did you shut the hub down "nicely" from Settings > Shutdown Hub? If you just unplugged it, I could see the database getting corrupted and the devices falling off that way. But if they're Z-Wave, the stick itself should still know about them (I think we used to be able to see this in Settings > Z-Wave Information, but now it says it only shows if also associated with a Hubitat device, so you probably won't see it there, either).

I've had a couple power outages where my hub just went offline and nothing problematic happened, so I think they've made it fairly resilient, but this is always what they recommend for powering it off since it's just a computer underneath. :slight_smile:

So just a thought. I had an instance where my hub didn't boot. It stuck on 70%. I pulled the plug and reset. When it came back I was missing the code that caused the hub to crash. I think k the db corrupted and restored a backup.

I went ahead and re-included the devices and then did a bu.
Hopefully they won't disappear again.