- C7 - Virtual switches not responding to automations

When you reload the scheduled jobs tab in the logs page, does it show any jobs scheduled in the past ?

I have about 60 entries in the scheduled jobs list. All except 9 of them show a date in the past in the "Next Run" column.

@hubitrep good catch this seems to be a recent issue that has popped up for some people. The jobs are getting hung up and not executing for some reason.

I wonder would would happen if you just delete all the old ones? Nothing bad could happen, but they might just come back again and get stuck. Worth a try.

I think @mavrrick58 was having this issue also, not sure if there was an actual resolution to it.

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It was slightly different as I had the problem as part of a migration from my C8 to a C8 pro.

The solution in my case, ended up being using a backup from the C8 prior to migration after the migration was done.

Did this just happen out of the blue with no DB restore being done?

EDIT : To add more info after reading the whole thread.

To look for the issue I was experiencing you may want to look at the logs and then the tab for "location events" or "Hub Events". Just after a restart there was a error that appeared for the scheduler.

Not necessarily so recent, I remember bringing it up to @bobbyD and friends when it happened to me some months ago. But obviously rare.

IIRC a soft reset and restore from an older backup did the trick

I believe i tried this and it didn't seem to fix it in my case.

I believe so. The logs show delayed-off commands working one minute, then not the next. I had been on firmware for about two weeks at the time this happened.

Thanks a ton jtp10181 for all the guidance and time helping out on this.

Ok I got a lead on a possible fix for this. First look in hub events for an error as shown here:
None of the basic rules apps working - they use to, but not anymore - #12 by bahree

Then look in past logs filed under "sys:" with "Hub" as the device for an error which should reveal the app / device ID number.

Then you can use an endpoint to remove the broken jobs
Apps: None of the basic rules apps working - they use to, but not anymore - #16 by bahree
Devices: None of the basic rules apps working - they use to, but not anymore - #17 by bobbyD

This is the endpoint to use and replace ### with the app/device number from the error.

Update: Found where they saw the app ID, it was in the normal logs, not sure what your error will look like though: None of the basic rules apps working - they use to, but not anymore - #9 by bahree


I don't see any scheduler errors in hub events. There are also no errors whatsoever in past logs, other than the Ecobee ones I mentioned before.

Thanks again for all your work over the past few days. I learned a ton about my hub!

The soft reset and restore got me back up and running, I'll be keeping an eye on that scheduled job list and the post-reboot hub event logs from here on out.

FYI, that should be the same thing as doing a database rebuild (but with more steps) which I think you said up above that you had already tried.

Yep, several times actually. The difference (I think) is that I restored a version from a previous backup taken before the issue occurred.


Yup, that would do it, using an older backup.