- Rule Name Changed - Past Logs Show Previous Name - Bug or Expected?

I added new rule today. After I'd created it I edited the name. In Live logs at the top of the page it shows the log entries under its new name. However in Past Logs it's listed under its previous name not the new one and this remains that way after a reboot. Is that normal?

IIRC.. and I could be wrong... I think the Past Logs will have both names. The old name will still be in past logs, but should stop logging anything. You should also see the new name in the past logs; and that is where the new events should be seen.

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Thats what I would expect. However there is only the old name for the rule instance. New events that occurred since the rename continue to appear under that old name.

Hmmm... I'm not at home at the moment, but can test when I'm back and see if I can replicate. One other thought is to perform a soft reset. I do this often to clean/jog my log files. I know you mentioned you rebooted and it persisted, which is super weird.. but I'd also try a soft reset.

If you have not done one before, please let me know before continuing. There are a few steps you want to make sure you perform.

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lol I'm just reading your other post - the "why can't we wipe the logs" debacle

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Lmao.. I was totally going to link to this thread from there, and add it as reason number 4.

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The old log is just that, the old log. Nothing goes back and renames the old entries. This can be very confusing but it's totally logical. There is an option, manually selected (the last time I looked), that allows you to purge log files when performing a (soft?) reset.

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Thanks Eric.
That's exactly what we were talking about over here.

I get that but new events that occur after the rule has been renamed...when you click on past logs the events that occurred after the name change have been appended to those before the name change. I'm referring to the heading/link at the top of the page

Out of curiosity... what do other peoples' past logs header names look like??

Not as ordered as that! As there's already a dropdown to filter by app or device it would be nice for those headers to be optional "Show Headers - On/Off" (Along with "Purge Logs" obviously)

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Wow.. that screenshot got my right eye twitching a little. Impressive!

Yeah some of those rules had logging enabled purely to test that the rule was working, then it was turned off. The header will be there for all eternity unless I clean the database

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Yes unfortunately, and it comes up and is debated back and forth often.

The only way to fix it is to take a backup, do a soft reset clearing the logs, then restore the backup.