Progress on Zigbee

There are a lot of mysteries with ZB and the C8. I have a full wave antenna on the ZB radio at 12 and 16 power and all of my aqara and Sengled bulbs have been stable.
The magic of RF.

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ditto, the person who wired my house thought it would be fun to bring electric to the lights first and then to the switches so I lack neutrals in most of my switches. All of my house is using sengled bulbs. I only have 4 that are giving me problems and only one that was a must work.

I know they have non neutral switches now but up until this hub "upgrade" the sengled bulbs were flawless.

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Can't find it now, but on HA & Z2M forums there were reported issues with the EFR32MG coordinators, specifically the Sonoff Dongle E

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I have not jumped on the C8 bandwagon yet. I will, but work is too busy right now to be part of the new and shinny club … and things are sooo stable on my C7 with external antennas.

That said, I have 16 aqara devices (temp/humidity and motions) on a separate C5 with three tradfri repeaters and zero issues. It has to be about a year now since I did it. I really recommend pushing them to their own zigbee mesh and using hubmesh to bring them across. Not only do the aqara drop when they are with other devices, but they can take repeaters offline with them.


Add me to the list. Mine were with Hue Outdoor motion PIR drooping off with them flashing red. I put one within spitting distance to my C7 and got the same results. They work fine with Echo 4 and Hue hubs. I then brought them in through Hue hub via Advanced Philips Hue Bridge. It worked! Patting myself on the back. I then tried it through HE again and found that's working now. So, one of the recent updates must have fixed my problem. Anyone still having Hue sensor problems can try Advanced Philips Hue Bridge if you have a Hue hub. I've left half direct to HE, and the others Hue hub. So far both ways seem steady for me. One thing is the driver with the Advanced bridge is lacking basic features one would expect for "Advanced " in its name. For example, motion retrigger setting. I think it defaults to 10 seconds though I have not actually timed it.

This is interesting; definitely sounds wrong... @kkosev reported seeing this exact behavior on an earlier firmware:

I haven't been able to reproduce any reset/join failures recently, though l had one instance where an Iris V2 contact (which turns its blinking blue light to green on successful join) appeared to have paired and then went back to blinking blue again when I had left Zigbee joining process running. Tried to reproduce and couldn't but definitely saw it once.

this morning I noticed that my HSM didn't arm last night. I tracked the issue down to a Visonic MCT-340 contact sensor that fell off the zigbee network while in an open state. In 4 years of using these I have never had an issue with them other than a few that eat batteries slightly faster than others.

I had one that fell off in open state a couple of times. The first time a battery pull "fix" didn't last, second time I re-paired it and it seems solid again. I've used these since I was first on SmartThings and never had mesh issues w/them, so a first for me as well. I have a lot of these sensors so I do have to say that one going off is a small % problem.

Wasn't aware this allowed motion sensors to be accessed from HE automations. Can you run the Advanced version along-side the hub's built-in Hue integration, or is it one or the other. Even before the C8 I never had perfect attendance from the Hue outdoor motion sensor, if the Advanced integration is reliable I think I'll just swtich them over.

I'll rejoin it and see if it fixes it. I actually moved it to the bypass box in HSM so it doesn't keep the security monitor from arming.

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I believe you can run them both at the same time. I'm almost positive I ran them both at some point during my testing of what works. As I actually was able to get the normal ones driver to work with advanced. I got my missing retrigger time settings back. But also, I broke the whole thing playing with it. The only negative is it creates 3 devices for each one of my Hue outdoor sensors. One for motion, lux, and temp. Strange but hey it works well for me (so far). I'm sure they had a reason for doing it this way.

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That's interesting, but good to hear.

Also interesting, thanks for pointing that out.

I've re-paired mine to the hub again as a part of my ongoing experiments w/the Hue outdoor sensors and self-denial. :wink: Just did it 'cause it was easy to do and I don't have time today to set up a new integration. On Monday I will have some decent play-time and we'll see where we end up. Also expect we may get more FW releases from the HE team this week, so kinda want to wait to see what those do for this type of issue.

Oops...I went to check the Hue sensors and both had gone silent since shortly after I re-paired them to the hub. A couple of Configure/Refresh button presses and they woke up. We'll see...not optimistic. :slight_smile:

My Hue motion sensors are still working perfectly on the C-8 :smirk: I’m feeling pretty smug right now, so I’ll probably regret that soon.


Lucky - not me, I think one of the two I rejoined this AM has already fallen off.

You know the saying...a special place in h_ll. :smiley:

Clearly I'm living in Pottersville and you're living in Bedford Falls. :wink:


I am going on 3 days with my one. Last time i rejoined it i totally deleted the device and added it back but also removed the batteries from it for awhile thinking that maybe itd be a better reset.

I was assuming the ver .113 is why it was staying on but maybe (grasping at straws) removing the batteries and putting in new ones helped.

Good idea...I'll pull and replace the batteries. They consistently report 100 so maybe there's something wonky going on there.

Lotta straw grasping going on at my house, that's for sure. The only fun I'm having is fantasizing about @Ken_Fraleigh stepping into deep puddles or running out of his favorite chips during a white-out snow storm. :smiley:


Lotta stumbling around in the dark at my house as my z-wave motion sensors stop responding and the zigbee ones fall off the mesh. And an increasing nostalgia for the “good old days” when things worked.


It's pretty easy to find some appearingly similar issues on the HA community forum. HA's official dongle is called SkyConnect and uses the same family of SI chipsets. If you search for 'SkyConnect Hue' you'll find several posts. I thought this one was interesting:

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I have one and it didn't seem to be impacted by this mess.... so far,

Added my name to the hat.
Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor fell off and despite everything I tried, it wont stay connected to the C8 running 113.

Connected it to the Hue Hub and got it working in Homekit that way, for now.

It covers an area outside where I must have motion detection 24/7, and has worked great for almost 2 years on a C5 hub…hoping this gets sorted out soon! I may have a look at the Advanced Hue app tomorrow to see if it is worth doing at this point :frowning: