[] UI Bug: (Hopefully) simple request to change Hub Rebooting message while upgrading

This is a (hopefully) small matter, and no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but when I went to upgrade today from to along the way a page came up saying the Hub was rebooting as the main topic (as I recall). The smaller print said that I would be redirected to another page in a minute after the hub rebooted. I know that it takes less than 2 minutes for my hub to reboot after I shut it down so I wasn't really expecting it to take 1 minute as the message said, but by the time it got to past 3 minutes and the hub light was still blue I started to get concerned. It ended up taking about 3:50 to go to the next screen. Not a big deal but then again, there is no reason to cause concern by saying it would redirect me in a minute when it took almost 4 minutes. So, my request is that the small message be change to better reflect that it may take several minutes, so we know what to expect.

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