Hub Variable Rename Issue

Trying to rename a hub variable '1-Delayu' that is in many of my rules. Hub Manager is displaying in its list of apps used, apps that used to use '1-Delayu' and no longer do. 1-Delayu had been deleted from the rules at some previous time.

This is the list I am talkiing about in Hub Manager.

Example of rule in list that does not contain hub variable 1-Delayu. There are others.

From app info. You can see the variable name 1-Delayu in list

After rename '1-Delayu' to anything. It completes without error in Hub Manager. But when you
try to open rule. I get this error.

If I restore and re-run, I may get a different rule to error. I think there are multiples with same issue.

All rules worked before running rename. Since this variable is in many rules. Not practical to one off manually rename by each rule.

Prefer, rules that no longer have variable in it , to not appear in list.

Some of these rules may have been cloned from others prior at some point. Not sure if that
makes a difference. Restoring brings everything back to good.

Found these errors in log from time the rename was preformed.