bug; Motion and Mode Lighting gets java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'size' is not supported by device

I wondered why my front walk lights weren't flipping from the current holiday scene (Christmas, stored in "Front Walk Inactive") to all white "active" scene ("Front Walk Active"). I checked the logs and found this:

This is the Motion and Mode Lighting app:

@bravenel Is there anything else you want to see?

Fix will be in the next release.

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You could probably work around this problem by turning off logging.

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FWIW, that resulted in a different error in the logs.

Ah, that explains the problem. Did you perhaps remove some device this Motion Lighting wants to control?

I pretty sure I didn't. This just turns on a scene.

Update: I clicked through the scene selection and it the wording changed from "Scenes:" to "Scene:"

Would you see if you can reselect those.

It is working today now that I got rid of whatever the phantom scene that it thought was selected.

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