[ C7] Button Controller 5.1 Cloning Problem

When cloning a Button Controller that includes Pushed, Held and DoubleTapped actions, only the Pushed and Held actions are cloned.

I encountered this behavior a few versions ago and was hoping *.137 would fix this but it still doesn't work for me.
On previous versions I also tried exporting and importing which failed to import the DoubleTapped actions but I haven't tried it on *.137.

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I will look into this.

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Update: The new Table User Interface for Button Controller 5.1 doesn't display the DoubleTapped actions but the actions are created and perform as expected.

Yes, I can confirm this bug. We will get it fixed in the next release.

I can confirm that DoubleTapped and Release actions are properly connected to and displayed in the cloned app in Release on my C7.

Thanks for the prompt fix.

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