[] RL Cannot get property 'value' on null object on line 3279 (method AlexaOn)

This was working fine, I think started having issues with last update.
Only does it if I hit ON for the activator.

I found if I add the Activate as group with ON command it fixes it, no idea why? Should I have this on, I think its a newer option.

Looks like I am having all sorts of issues with the red X again as well.

image Typo? Not seeing a new release this AM...

I can't tell what version you are running, as it certainly isn't!

That line for the error makes no sense. Please show the RL version number/date from the bottom of the main page.

Sorry I always have to go confirm the fw version, which I did but then forgot to fix my title. Its 125

I cannot be certain of when this started, but I have a button tied to button controller that I often use the activate the kitchen lights (via the activator) in the AM. I tried to use it last night when I forgot something after shutting down, but did not work, and did not work again this morning. That's when I decided to investigate it. Possibly has not been working for longer but if the SO gets downstairs first I don't know if she actually uses the button or some other means to turn the lights on.

Here is the RL version info


Sorry one other thought, is it possibly having an issue because of the unchecked Act for the one light? Is that the 'null' it is complaining about? I have another RL with an activator tied to the same button and that one works fine. It has similar but not identical settings, it does not have anything unchecked and does not use modes. I could give you a screenshot of that one also if it would help.

I found the problem for this. Fix in next release.


Fixed in

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