[] time based mode change not happening

I have "evening" set to kick in at 6 pm or sunset. Whichever is earlier. This time of year it has been happening at 6 pm. Lately I have noticed that it hasn't been happening.

I dug into the logs and found something very strange....

It looks like the hand off didn't happen when I got home. When my wife or I get home it's supposed to go from kid's or away to day or evening (based on time). It had evening all qued up but went to day instead.

Update: I was present during the time the change should have happened today and it never happened at all.



I think there is a bug in earlier/later in current Mode Manager.

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Anything I can do to assist?

Might be related to Mode Manager later of two times is ignoring day of week - #3 by ariel.s