2.3.1.X Device Events Horizontal Scroll Issue

@gopher.ny @bobbyD I noticed since upgrading to 2.3.1.X that I can no longer scroll horizontally on a Device's Event list on my iPhone. This prevents me from seeing the far right columns like Source, Type, and Date. I can scroll vertically just fine. Other areas like Settings\Z-Wave Details or Zigbee Details scroll horizontally just fine.

My dev hub is on and horizontal scrolling works on a Device's Event list.

Ok, I can reproduct that. Will take a look.


Thank You, I kept meaning to report this, on Android 12 as well, if I flip my device I can then see the rightmost columns,.
and I think you meant scroll horizontally(left-right) or at least that's my issue

:man_facepalming: Doh yes horizontally. OP corrected.

Technically you are correct, once we rotate the device the frame of reference changes, and vertical is now horizontal. You see in our world , everything is backwards, I dare not say more, lest the ban hammer is thrust upon me

Can confirm beta solves this issue. Thanks for the quick fix!

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