[]Hub mesh issue

I think I have found an issue with Hub mesh and sharing devices with children.

I've got an innovelli switch with children. Share the parent, and all the children also get shared. Problem is that when you unshare the device, the parent is removed but all the children are still listed. There doesn't seem to be a way to unshare those child devices



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I can't reproduce this (it could be driver specific), but there will be a direct endpoint to clean this up in the next 2.3.1 release. Not exactly point and click, but a solution.

Edit: has a new endpoint to set hub mesh flag, http://your.hubs.ip.here/hubMesh/setDeviceShared/123/true, where 123 is device id and "true" part can be false. It has the exact same effect as flipping the switch in the device details UI, except it also skips all the checks and works on child devices. I suppose one can share child devices directly this way, but there's no defined way as to whether or how it will work, or if it will be consistent from version to version.

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Would getting you onto my hub before I do the upgrade assist you at all?

Probably not as hub doesn't keep change history. The "how it happened" part wouldn't be in either database or logs. I'll keep an eye out for similar reports, though.

Silly question, but where do you get the device-id from?

Don't worry.. found it. Didn't realize its appears in the URL when you look at the device. I was able to use the hook you provided to clear out those devices.