2.3.0 update reset ALL event and state history sizes

One of the two 2.3.0 updates reset both the default values and ALL individual device values for event and state history sizes to their defaults, on all 8 of my hubs.

Grumble grumble grumble...

I have 4 of my hubs running on and all of those devices are showing my edited event/state history values. My one hub, running on is my development hub and I've never edited the event or state history values.

I globally set my production hubs to have an event depth of 11 -- this was set many months/releases ago when 10 or less was a special case (it isn't any more.) I took a brief look at about 8 of my devices across the hubs and they are all still showing 11.

In other words, I'm saying I can't verify on the latest version but for the previous v2.3.0.111, I can't confirm. Maybe that means it's narrowed down to a v2.3.0.112 issue.. I can't tell.

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All of mine appear to still be 11/11…


What are the values that it got reset to?

The defaults - 50 for the event history, 30 (IIRC) for the state history.

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