[ - C5] Disappearing Predefined Condition

@bravenel possible bug with Predefined Conditions that I can recreate with this simple example. I created a Simple Conditional Action to control a switch between two times:

I create an IF-THEN Conditional Action uses my now predefined condition and adds a second condition:

I go back and delete my initial Simple Conditional Action. It deletes my predefined condition and breaks my IF-THEN:

Yes, deleting an action takes with it the conditions you defined for it.

Just had this happen to me. I put additional restrictions around a simple conditional and decided to just make it one IF-Then. So I added the condition to the larger IF-Then and then deleted the simple conditional. It broke my IF-Then and I then remembered reading this thread yesterday or I might have reported this as well.

I get what your saying but I selected the condition from the list of available conditions and didn't expect it would go away. I could see where that could screw up a rule if you had used the condition somewhere else in a larger rule and don't notice it got deleted.

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Caught between a rock and a hard place on this one. If the condition is not deleted, the devices remain "in use by" the rule, even if not actually used in the rule. And, if the conditions aren't removed with the corresponding action, then they just accumulate, even though not used. I supposed a UI feature to control this could be added, but how confusing is that going to be? Should a condition be deleted or not... That's a mess.

Suffice it to say that the code can't read your mind and has to do one thing or the other. An alternative would be to disallow re-use of conditions completely. At one point that was done for Required Expression, and led to more complaints than this problem generates.

Is there any way to detect that the condition is used in another part of the rule--so an 'in use' condition doesn't go away?

Not sure how the RM rules work, if it would be an easy check or not?