2.28.136 Set temperature per mode broken

Anyone else’s having issues with the set temp per mode since updating ?
Looking at the logs the physical hue dimmer is sending the command, then the logs show the command being sent to the lights, but nothing is happening.

Edit also have the same issue with ikea Tradfri globe - so not hue exclusive

Light turn on from dashboard ok, turn off from the dimmers ok

Care to a show a setup of your rule so someone can try to reproduce it? There was an issue with Hue Groups (if you're using the Hue Bridge Integration and a group/room/zone device from that) that was fixed in build 136 but was present in the initial release, but from your description it sounds like you've already updated to that.

Edited with details, thank you

What app is that? Looks like either Button Controller 3.x or Rule 4.x, which I don't think anything should have changed with in this release (but Button Controller/Button Rule 5.0 and Rule 5.0 are new--the screenshot just doesn't look like one of those). I am unable to create a new Button Controller 3.x rule to test, but I could manage a Rule 4.1 if needed.