Moved Rule Machine 5.0 Clone Ability to App Status Page

I just updated to and some rules were throwing errors and not allowing me to get in to fix because of the same errors. Normally, at this point I would go into Rule Machine restore and revert to older versions, but that functionality wasn't there. I'm reverting to Just wanted to warn others that they might want to wait until things settle.

Edit: Whoops, the reversion is only for the dB. Don't see a way to roll back the hub software. :frowning: Anyone know how to get rid of a rule that is throwing errors and you cannot delete because when you open it in the editor it also errors?

Edit: I found the clone functionality. It moved to a tab within settings (see below). Still, does anyone know how to force remove a rule when you cannot get to the editor?

Clone Functionality

Edit: Ok found it. Click the gear icon next to the rule, then scroll to the bottom. I was afraid to click it because it talks about a child instance of rule 5.0 machine. Sounds like it will get rid of all of Rule Machine. May I suggest this be changed to "force delete this rule" or "force delete "?


I can see where “Remove this Chile instance of Rule-X.X” could be confusing to someone using it for the first time.

Changing the button label to “Delete this rule” would certainly be clearer.

Tagging @bravenel so that he is aware of the ask.

I'm sorry, but we've been around the mulberry bush on this one before. It's hard to see how "this child instance" can be confused for the parent and all of its children. We changed to that wording for exactly the reason that you cite. When it used to say "Remove this app", people thought that meant all of Rule Machine.

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Ha! Whatever you do someone will like it better the other way. FWIW, I wouldn't advocate "Remove this app", as Hubitat uses the "app" terminology for whole features like the Caseta Bridge, Rule Machine, etc. I would advocate fore "remove this rule" as that—to me—is just one rule under the Rule Machine App.

Anyway, I understand it now and this is low priority.

Finally, a great thank you for all the support and improvements.