[ C7] RM 4 Rule Not Executing

Not sure what's going on--but I have a rule that triggers when my Ring (user app) device changes mode. This had been working well, but in the last day or two doesn't seem to be running.

This event shows it seems to have triggered, but nothing actually ran (this is the only event in the log for this RM App):

This is the trigger:


Expand for Rule Application State Details

It doesn't reflect having run:

Thoughts? It seemed to not execute on a mode change yesterday as well.

Did you try enabling logging to see what comes up?

I have (and have had) full logging for this (and most other apps) turned on.

That's all that shows.

I added a "log message" line at the top and re-saved it. We'll see...

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Failed this morning again.

Any ideas what I might try?

I see in the log where the rule should be kicking off:

It should be triggering:


While it triggered a few times yesterday, it didn't trigger this morning (when it went from "home" to "off").

It seems to have tapped into the event:


It does look like it triggered, but the “Log: ‘HSM…” message didn’t get logged? If you haven’t turned on all logging for the app, can you do that to see where it fails?

All logging is/has been on. The log message in the app doesn't appear.


How about mode(off) did not in fact represent a state change at that time?

Look at App Status page, Application State for the value "prevState". Show that here. Then push the device through a mode change, and look at it again. Is this a Custom Attribute trigger? If so, in "prevState" you should look for the device id of the device, like this:

Notice the 1689=87.73 That's where it's showing the previous state for device 1689. It would look at that value and the new value (that you can log with %value%), to decide if its changed or not.

Cool...thx. Learning new things. :slight_smile:

It's been a few changes (sometimes it works--sometime it doesn't).

Here's what it is now:


78 ends up being "Guest Bedroom Table and Floor Lamp" (and I have no clue why it is in there).

245, however, is the "Ring Alarm Hub-Ring" -- which is what I'd expect.

Here's the rule:

(I updated the log message to "HSM syncing from Ring Alarm (status now %value% from device %device%)")

Add to your initial Log action

trigger value = %value%

Then push the Ring through a mode change, and look at prevState again, and the logs.

I was adding something like that as you were typing. :slight_smile:

Ha, but if it won't trigger, then that's another kettle of fish, right? Have to look at the device events to see the events that RM sees.

There are the device events. It was the "Off" at 8:16 that didn't make the rule run.

BUT, it showed up in the logs as something happening--something recognized the "off"--but the rule didn't actually execute:

Isolate your logs to just the rule, and push the device through mode changes. Then show the logs for just the rule.

I have done that (clicked on the "app/rule")--and that was the only event that showed up anywhere near then

I'm testing things now again

So, I did that..for some reason, the "home->off" transition is often not being picked up.

Here's the rule/app events:

After off->home, then home->off, the "prevState" shows:


Here's the device's events:

And the logs for that rule/app:

So sometimes it is picked up? If so, time to move on. You have something corrupt, and you can spend hours and hours trying to figure it out, and even then probably won't find it.

Please create a totally simple rule with Rule 5.0 that has the same trigger and the same Log action, and nothing else. Push the device through its changes, and see what that rule does.

So. That is rather odd--and somewhat points to what you said (the scary "corrupt" word).

As soon as I added my RM5 rule--the RM4 rule seems to have gotten its mind squared away...

Thanks for the tips--from the user side, it's hard to know if something isn't working due to a bug vs. something getting corrupted. In this case, it had been working perfectly up until one of the 2.2.8.xxx updates and it started getting dementia. :slight_smile:

Guess I'll see how it does now--and look at re-creating the rule perhaps if it starts acting ill.

Thanks again!