[ C7] New Rule App - Timeout on Wait-Can't detect "not waiting"

When using the %device% variable to detect a timeout on a "wait" for condition (using RM5--the new one), the behavior when there is "no wait" (because the condition was already satisfied) appears to be the same as if the wait timed-out.

It seems that, in this case, the "%device%" should be set to the same value as if the wait "waited" and was satisfied (or "nowait"--in any case, something other than "timeout").

Here are some log entries showing the scenario:

And, here's the test rule:

Thoughts? What is the expected behavior and what is the best way to detect the difference between "no wait" and "timeout"?


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In the case that the Conditions are already true when the rule runs, there is no way to know what the relevant device might be to set %device%. What could happen is for %device% to be set to "no wait". Would that work for you?

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Yeah, that would be awesome--as that would be a clear indication that the wait was satisfied in advance.

Thanks a bunch!!

.143 -- Thanks so much!! :slight_smile: