[] C7 Honeywell T6 Pro with Generic Z-Wave Plus Tstat Driver doesn't update

I have a Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat controlling my A/C. The thermostat internal memory is set to Cool only (i.e. not heating connected).

My issues are:

  1. Current status / coolingSetpoint not updating without a Refresh. The thermostat responds immediately to a change in setpoint.

  2. Current status / thermostatSetpoint shows 68 which is neither the heating nor coolingSetpoint.

  3. Current status / heatingSetpoint is -2 not an issue for my, I suspect it has to do with the heating being disabled in the thermostat internal settings (via the menu)

I was using the built in Honeywell T6 Pro driver and was having problems, it was posted I should change to the generic version.
When moving to the generic driver I used "Clean Device" community driver to clear out any information so to start off "fresh" with the generic driver.


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