2.2.7 bugs (minor)

hubIP/room/list page
running chrome there are no left and right scroll bars


For peoples information (i was getting ready to pull the plug) on reboot it spent a good 2-3min on boot up at 20%.

As posted in another thread, my empty (spare) C-7 (no devices, Zigbee and Z-Wave radios disabled) hung at 10% for just over 15 min., but I was able to get into port 8081 and shutdown cleanly, and it came up on power on with

App 4 is google home

App 4 is google home

Checking that...

Edit: looks like database wasn't updated on the first run. I'll see how to handle this more gracefully.

Ok, tried it on my Development C-5, also no Zigbee devices, no Z-Wave devices, only one cloud device and one WiFi device (both community integrations that had been working fine with and before). The C-5 did come up successfully, but Jean May’s (@thebearmay’s) Hub Information driver is blowing up on several fronts. I’ll pursue that with him.

Just saw it, trying to determine the issue now...

Would PM logs and screenshots help? Seems to just be the html attribute.

Ok. That C-7 may be an edge case because of no devices, pretty blank hub.

I think it has to do with a possible change in the currentState for each attribute which is where I'm looking for the Unit that is stored with the attribute

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Hub info driver works for me, HTML or not. I've just added it as one of the "sanity test" drivers.


That means a lot, thanks!


In my dashboard where I have a Hub Info. tile, it doesn't seem to be parsing the data properly before formatting the "html" state variable.


I have it fixed in test, should be pushing it out in 5-10 minutes


strange all looks good on my c7 for info driver

What version of the driver are you running? Should have broke around v1.8.x, just pushed 2.2.1

2.1.1 dated 2021-04-29

LOL, yeah you're a couple of versions back.

when did the search become case sensitive?