Two rules with same trigger. One rule does not run

Hardware C5

This rule runs fine:

This rule does not run. With all logging turned on, all I see is the trigger changing but not actions run.

Can you post those logs for context? Some of your actions should at least run, since you have an IF THEN and an ELSE, which by definition will always have exactly one path that will execute. Hitting "Done" or "Update Rule" (basically the same except the latter also closes your rule and takes you back to the previous page) may help re-initialize things and is the only troubleshooting I can think of besides just re-creating the rule if this doesn't help.

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Thank you for your reply. Here are the logs generated when the trigger changes to false. The Porch Lights Rule runs, but the Living Room Rule does not. When I manually press the "Run Actions" button, the Living Room Rule executes properly.

Porch Lights Rule Log

Living Room Rule Log

Interesting. I assume you have "Actions" logging (not just "Triggers") enabled for the second rule, too? If so, I'd try one of the two things I mentioned above to see if it helps.

Yes, Events, Triggers, Actions, and App Events are all checked. Ill try rewriting this Rule, but I have a longer Rule, with same problem, that will take me longer to rewrite.

I recent discovered a similar issue with one of my rules... changed would log the event, but only triggered for one case (presence=not present) I ended up changing it to two separate triggers, 1 for presence=present and another for presence=not present. Accomplishes the same goal, slightly more verbose, but at least my rule works again -- and less effort than completely rewriting the entire rule!

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