[ C7] Odd cloud backup times and stuck at 70% after today's cloud backup

Previously, the cloud backups occurred at in the middle of the night (around 4am). Now, it appears they are happening rather randomly--with on yesterday and today at 9:30am (not a great time for the requisite reboot).


But, worse, it is stuck at 70% initializing after that cloud-backup reboot.

@gopher.ny What's your recommendation so I don't make a bad situation worse?

Yeah, I wouldn't really care when they are done if it weren't for the random reboots on cloud backups (at least on my zwave hub).

I have set cloud backups to manual on my zwave hub, and only do them when I am ok with the hub rebooting.

Why would the hub need to reboot if it is doing a backup? I could understand a reboot on a restore, but not a backup.

There's some issue with the z-wave radio database being locked up in some manner that requires (at least currently) a reboot to reset from what I understand.


Your cloud backups consistently happen at the same time. The ones in diagnostics tool are local.

Also, the hub is responding to support tool, and its last reboot was 2021-05-11 09:30:55 UTC.

Ah! Thanks for clearing that up.

What's your recommendation for dealing with my hung reboot?

I assume refreshing the page doesn't work, so please reboot it from the diagnostic tool.
Cloud connection gets initialized past 70%, so there's a disconnect between what UI shows and actual hub state. Also, automations should work based on the logs - lack of those would be pretty noticeable...

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Cool. That seemed to do the trick. Thanks.

I just hadn't encountered it getting stuck in that way and didn't want to screw up the DB or something. Now that it's up, it does appear it got stuck after my scheduled, daily reboot (which I put in at your request to deal with some issues a while back).

Note: while some of the things seemed to work, the "post reboot" rule I have didn't fire until it actually completed the reboot.

Looks like I'm good now! Thanks!