Still hardcoded network mask

If I ever wanted to use a static IP on my hub, I would need to be able to set the network mask to fit my network. This is however still hard-coded to /24 ( Is there a reason for this?


This has been mentioned a few times now. I'll add an endpoint parameter to override this limitation. The UI will remain as is to stop casual users from messing network settings up.


Well, thanks for the endpoint :slight_smile: But isn't these settings readily available to configure on just about any other device nowadays?
Could you please instruct how the endpoint shall be used? Or will that just be a setter that simply if set override the static value?

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It sounds like it will be something you only have to type in once into the address bar on your web browser and hit enter. If it’s incorrect, you wouldn’t be able to access your hub and may have to reset it, which would be far worse than resetting your TV, network switch, router, etc.

Thanks, well, I am aware of the risks. And in my case it is not so daunting, though something I naturally don't want if not absolutely necessary. Many devices actually tests the network settings entered before applying/saving them - could perhaps be a better option in the long run

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Does the DHCP client respect custom subnet masks? Or is it hard-coded also?
I had a heck of a time getting my Arlo doorbell working until I realized they had done this. A lot of time & swear words were wasted.

DHCP is run by a standard client, udhcpc. I haven't tried custom masks myself, but it should work.


It works well... :+1:

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ok good.
Just curious, is there a screen or special URL where I can view the current ipconfig?

Not at this time.

The endpoint to set custom IP settings will look like this example:


It'll be a part of next hotfix. Like the Networking page, it will work on C5 and above, and a reboot will be required to apply settings. Blank response indicates success, anything else is a descriptive error. If IP settings end up being wrong, the reset button is still there to rescue. I'm intentionally not making it any user friendlier.


Thanks a lot! This is awesome :slight_smile:

This is fine and dandy if it worked. Sadly, the unit is bent on being on the same subnet. This is the error. "IP address must belong to subnet 10.201.35.xxx or you will not be able to communicate with the hub"

Um, no! I'm trying to move it to a different subnet on purpose....

The command used:

I believe it is not yet in current firmware (, but could be wrong...? @gopher.ny

You're correct, it hasn't been released yet.


I love when people set limitations on how I can use MY device on MY network because they assume I'm stupid and don't know how to configure an IP address...


Still cranky after I put in the string and the response was blank which was promising. Rebooted the hub, no love. Held reset button, that brought hub back, BUT hub is on old IP address and responds to old IP address yet the static settings show new address.

I don't think it's too much to encourage full ability to make all network changes in the UI. Normal and rational changes without URL strings, including Subnet Mask.
All this effort to make some dongles work, I would hope the basics would be sorted first. Not to be contradictory but it's actually riskier for a user to stumble upon your URL string example in posts like this and mess things up royally, than to have a fully sorted UI for owners to modify network setting how they desire.

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You always are at the mercy of the creators of any device/software. And it is not uncommon to hide features to lower support calls/cases. :man_shrugging:

The only way you get 100% control is to write your own software. :wink:


Most consumer device sold in the past 10+ years allows you to set a static IP, subnet, gateway and DNS. What makes Hubitat so much more exclusive and difficult over laptops, phones, tablets, TVs, Xbox, PS, thermostats, etc?

Most of the companies that make those devices have Billions in sales revenue per year, and have massive end-user support teams.

Hubitat is a very small company in comparison, and I bet user support cases are a major cost for them.

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