[] - Network Mask


Thought I'd try out the new static IP setting, but... turns out the subnet mask is hard-coded to /24 (

I would expect to be able to set the correct subnet mask for my network. Please make this a setter.



How in the heck does one forget the subnet mask? It's like AT&T assuming that everyone's home network is 192.168.1.x from 10 years ago.

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Agreed. But to be fair, it is there, just not changeable... :slight_smile:

Well looking around the other threads here there is a fix in the works for the DNS and other DHCP/Static IP issues that have cropped up. My test hub is a C-4 and doesn't have the ability to set static IP address information but is now ignoring the DNS setting my DHCP server is providing. Not migrating any other hubs until this settles down.

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I’m just getting started. After getting things running in a sandbox, I started setting up for real. Then, I likewise encountered the static mask. Now I’m sort of stuck. My network is a 10.x.x.x built around a /23 mask and I’ve added a large number of connected devices far less sophisticated than this hub (C7) without this kind of unnecessary obstacle. I’m disappointed. I’m a former network admin, but even so, this degree of configuration doesn’t require a rocket surgeon.

Why not just default it to /24 but let the user configure it to his liking. Now it looks like I’ll have to route, to keep any semblance of my original design.

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