[2.2.4] Devices are not removed from Device list and Z-Wave Details list when excluded

I have some iBlinds, and have found (twice now) that excluding them does not result in the device being removed from the Device list or from the Z-Wave Details list.

Current example:

  1. I paired one iBlinds to my hub and named it Office Blinds Left. It stayed that way for several days.
  2. I excluded the Office Blinds Left device and re-included it to my hub and named it Kitchen Blinds.

I now have duplicate entries in my Device list and in my Z-Wave Details list. One set called Office Blinds Left (the instance I had excluded), and the other is Kitchen Blinds.

The devices have the same serial number, are the same device.

Office Blinds Left:

2020-12-12 12_03_23-Office Blinds Left

Kitchen Blinds:

2020-12-12 12_04_06-Kitchen Blinds

I don't remember things working this way previously, excluding a device should remove it from the Device list and from the Z-Wave Details page. I know I properly excluded the device as it could not have been paired under a new name if I hadn't excluded it.

i have had that happen once. but you can get it under a new name just by changing the name in the devices..

i think the time i got that it accidentially excluded the wrong device, and i reset it and re-paired it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

This is defintely not from excluding the wrong device, as all the iBlinds devices I have (two in office, two in family room/kitchen) control perfectly from their Device pages (e.g., click Open on Office Blinds Right Device page and those blinds open, etc.). The only non-responsive iBlinds Device page is the Office Blinds Left instance, the one I excluded, and then re-joined as Kitchen Blinds. Kitchen Blinds works from its Device page.

So I have four physical iBlinds motors installed, all of them work from their device pages so they are the "right" ones, so to speak.

Then I have a fifth "Ghost" blind remaining (Office Blinds Left) that shows 100% healthy on Z-Wave Details page, and still has a Device page, even though I excluded that instance. I must have excluded it properly, or I could not have re-joined it as Kitchen Blinds.

Hopefully that makes sense.

yes except in one instance if you thought you excluded it and reset it.. then you can rejoin as another instance and the old would still be there.

Sorry, not sure what you mean by above.

Are you saying I had thought I had excluded it, but forgot and reset the device? I get how that would leave a "ghost" device behind. I doubt that occurred, but I don't have video of me doing it so no proof, of course. :slight_smile: The fact that I've had two instances of this behavior w/iBlinds I've excluded leads me to believe there is an odd issue going on here.

There was also a recent post from someone else about a device remaining on their Z-Wave Details page after an exclusion. Could be still another operator error, but...

I've received a new iBlinds motor today...going to play w/some inclusions/exclusions to see if I can replicate. :slight_smile:

not saying you did but just saying if that happened it would leave the devices behind like you see.

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Yeah, I did't take it that way, sorry if my response sounded "touchy" - just wanted to confirm I understood what you meant. :smiley:

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